Nurturing the Creative Spark

Date and Time: 12/27/2020 10:00am

Presenter: The Santillo Family
A New Year is coming. And before that, we will wake up and create a new morning. Whatcha going to make? These are blank pages upon which we can write our dreams or our desperations. Through music, poetry, and prose, we will poke around the feeling of a creative idea, How to protect it from doubt? And how to create something fulfilling from its spark? We look forward to seeing you there!

Christmas Eve – Thursday 5pm – Seeking the Light

Date and Time: 12/24/2020 5:00pm

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker, Tyler Coles, Ann Richards, Mark Zimmerman

One Christmas Eve service – December 24th, 5:00pm, on Zoom

MVUC’s All Congregation Online Pageant

Date and Time: 12/20/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Ann Richards & Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council

Can Mount Vernon Unitarian Church pull off their annual pageant online in the midst of social awakening, climate change and isolation resulting from a pandemic? Join us to find out.

Wake Up! Unplug!

Date and Time: 12/13/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Ancient religious stories and myths keep reminding of us of shame and fear, yet do we understand the why? What, if any, roles do shame and fear play in our ability to love and expand our consciousness?

Building on Mountains of Sand

Date and Time: 12/06/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

The best stories are old, told again and again with accumulating layers of excitement and bombast. But what happens when the original story is lost, yet we create truths upon their legend?

We are forming our stories now. Stories that form truth from a broad collection of voices who have endured so many tears and laughter…. Emerson’s view of the oversoul offered a way of knowing that was radically different than the white male educated leaders of Boston that he was living amongst.But the marginalized people who had been oppressed through the centuries? Not radical for them. Not one bit…. So here’s a truth I offer you. Reason logic and the pursuit of facts? They’re not mutually exclusive from deep, profound life-changing experience.Reason and logic are partners with myths and enduring truths. They should not crash in horrific battles over power.

Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Turning Inward

Date and Time: 11/29/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Eleanor Piez

This time of year, when the nights lengthen, calls us to turn inward – going against our drive to light up the darkness and get busier than ever during the holidays. Let us take time to turn inward, to remember, to face the darkness and find deeper truth.

The Glue of 2020

Date and Time: 11/22/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker, Tyler Coles, Ann Richards, Mark Zimmerman

Join our annual multigenerational worship for Thanksgiving. The theme this month is friction.

“Holidays bring tensions – bring friction. It happens. We know that. Friction causes heat as my husband reminded me this week. And when it’s low heat and it’s done well, friction can melt barriers. It can bring down fear and anxiety when we are courageous when we are willing to be vulnerable with each other. Then as the barriers melt, they form into a bond — a glue that brings us together and gives us greater strength…. This is who we are… when we do friction well.”
Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

In the Name of God

Date and Time: 11/15/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

This country was founded upon a great white man’s burden: To lay claim to the Land of Abraham. Over 400 years ago the colonists arrived, and still bear blood on white hands, all in the name of an ancient myth.

Story for all ages: Selu Corn Mother, from the Cherokee tradition, told by Pam Tinker

Links to resources mentioned:

  • UUA on Doctrine of Discovery –

Recommended books from Kate Walker:

  • “Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery” by Mark Charles and Soon-Chan Rah;
  • “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States” by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Online event:

UUA Summit and Teach-In November 19-22:

Harvest the Power Justice Summit & Decolonization Teach-In, Nov. 19-22, and the United American Indians of New England’s Day of Mourning event on Nov. 26.

The Waiting Room

Date and Time: 11/08/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Whether waiting for a diagnosis, for test results or for your car, waiting is one of least of our least favorite games, yet here we are … waiting. How do we get through this moment?

Re-Membering Into Power

Date and Time: 11/01/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Tyler Coles

There is power in remembering, that is, calling back together those who have impacted our individual and collective lives. In this time of change, let us remember our Ancestors as they guide and support us in creating more just world.

Dangerous Creations

Date and Time: 10/25/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Creativity requires capacity for innovation, adventure, courage and a touch mischievous desire to challenge others. It’s time for a revolution using waves of creativity. Are you ready to dive in?

Words Don’t Stay Still

Date and Time: 10/18/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Words help heal and create life in abundance. They allow us to live more deeply through poetry and prose. Come help creative life in abundance in a special service of poetry and prose.

Embodiment at Work

Date and Time: 10/11/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Our body is the foundation of creation, from DNA to electrical impulses, yet we rarely check in with our body and what it is telling us.

Celebrating Universalism: Stories of Radical Love

Date and Time: 10/04/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

In celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the arrival of Universalism on this continent, we gather to share and bear witness to the best stories of the power of radical love – those moments when love expands the heart and the universe.

It’s Time to Think Bigger

Date and Time: 09/27/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

“We have to turn ourselves inside out to turn the world upside down.” Tom Schade
If this is true, what’s inside you? What’s inside me? Are we enough to make a difference in this world?

Sermon Video – It’s Time to Think Bigger

Purpose of Freedom

Date and Time: 09/20/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

“The purpose of freedom is not to free myself but free another.” Julie Ward Howe
Can we all be free? Free from what? Free to do what?

Sermon Video – The Purpose of Freedom

All Are Welcome Here

Date and Time: 09/13/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker, Tyler Coles, Ann Richards, Mark Zimmerman

No matter who you are, or where you’re from, you are welcome here. Bring your beliefs, bring your values, and find an ear to share your stories.

Sermon Video – All Are Welcome Here, Water Blessing


Date and Time: 09/06/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Eric Pourchot and Friends

“Imagine” – Eric Pourchot, Ger Fitzgerald, Linda Doyle, and virtual friends.
A mostly-music look at how we use imagination. Imagination leads to new ideas, new inventions, and new ways of seeing, which can make our world a better place. It can also be an escape. Taken to extremes, it can be a departure from reality altogether. Music can be a door into this realm of imagination, since many songs are built on metaphors and similes. Sing along to music by John Lennon, George Gershwin, Barenaked Ladies, Big Star, Elvis Costello, Rodgers and Hammerstein, The Posies, and Peter, Paul and Mary.

(Due to rights management and copyright issues, no video is available for this service.)

The Roller Coaster Ride and the Swing

Date and Time: 08/30/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Some days it feels like we are on an amusement park ride, and there is no way to get off of this stomach-turning experience. But there is a way to stay steady and strong.

Sermon Video – The Roller Coaster Ride and the Swing

What’s Radical About Hospitality?

Date and Time: 08/23/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Are ready to truly be welcoming? It’s more than a smile and a good sermon. To welcome the stranger, we need to ask how we are strange, odd and confusing?

Sermon Video – What’s Radical about Hospitality?

The Question Box

Date and Time: 08/16/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

This is the annual Sunday when I welcome written questions from those in attendance. A wide variety of topics is welcome, although I hold the right to defer to actual experts.

For All Ages, Offertory, Sermon:

The Question Box – video – For All Ages, Offertory, Sermon

Sticks and Stones

Date and Time: 08/09/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Phyllis Gilmore

There’s a rhyme you may have been taught long ago to use when being picked on: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The problem is that words do hurt, particularly when they’re often repeated. Worse, bullying sometimes doesn’t stop with words. We will take a look at bullying, who does it to whom, and the effects of technology.

Are You Ready to Visit the ICU?

Date and Time: 08/02/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Mike Walker

Hate has no home here but are we talking it or living it?

Over the last year, Mike Walker has trained to become a Master Naturalist in the state of Virginia. He found much of this training consistent with our Unitarian Universalist 7th principle: Respect for the interdependent web of life. A particular area of interest for Mike has been the study of ants — and what they can teach us about social life and service to community, and whether to follow the path of other members of their colony. Do we stay on the path that other people are on? Mike asks how ready we are as Unitarians to explore other points of view, particularly we believe other views are wrong. ICU means interest, curiosity and understanding. Mike asks what can we learn if we engage using ICU with those holding other points of view. Reducing issues to all or nothing choices doesn’t serve us well. The goal in the ICU is to be open. Can we listen for the stories of others? You and I have the potential to foster civility. In nature diversity is the key to stability. Hate should never have a home in our hearts.

The Fight to Get the Vote Shall Not Be Denied

Date and Time: 07/26/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Sandra Peterson

One hundred years ago, women won the right to vote through the 19th amendment, passed on August 26, 1920. Sandy Peterson shares what she has learned about the long struggle by women and men to earn all women the right to vote. She reflects on what this means as we are engaged in a new great awakening for the rights to justice and equality for black and minority citizens in this country.

Rare Earth

Date and Time: 07/19/2020 10:00am

Presenter: Alan Bunner

The tiny planet we live on is more rare and remarkable than most of us realize. The characteristics of our planet required an improbable combination of astrophysical and geological events and circumstances. Only today is there a creature that is able to look back on the extraordinary history of our planet and appreciate its rarity. It is a beautiful gift to our species, and a huge responsibility.

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