Born to Believe

Date and Time: 11/11/2018 9:15am and 11/11/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker
Our Theme of the Month is Science and Religion. Brain studies show humans appear to need to believe in the transcendent. Did we evolve into believing in transcendent beings, or did this capacity and yearning come with the packaging? &nbsp

Science and Religion: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Date and Time: 11/04/2018 9:15am and 11/04/2018 11:15am

Presenter: The Rev. Chris Buice

You may be familiar with the advice column where people send in letters asking “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” Our guest minister received a similar letter from a struggling couple, science and religion, and although he had never before done couples counseling in the advice column for-mat, he dutifully made his best effort to respond. Come see if you agree with his advice.

MVUC Podcast Introduction (Episode 1)

Date and Time: 11/01/2018 12:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

Here is an introduction to our sermon podcast series.
While this introduction is not a sermon, it introduces listeners to a series of talks that explore our most challenging issues from a Unitarian Universalist perspective, from a place of universal love.

Power of Stories

Date and Time: 10/28/2018 9:15am and 10/28/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

We are all made of stories, lots and lots of stories. We hear stories, and share stories. How we share them matters. How we cast our self in our own stories, and who wins and who  loses, matters.

Are We in Danger of Losing our History?

Date and Time: 10/21/2018 9:15am and 10/21/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Bill Gleason

We are living in challenging times, times that require a sure understanding of our history. Yet a growing number of Americans do not know, nor care to know, our history. What does that mean for our identity and for our future?

American Secularism and the Battle with Religion

Date and Time: 10/14/2018 9:15am and 10/14/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

Our country is built upon the foundation of separation of church and state, in effect establishing constitutional secularism. Yet religion is clearly important to both public and private citizens. How does this tension between state-sponsored secularism and the importance of religion influence our contemporary lives as Unitarian Universalists?

Transcendentalism and the Unitarian Universalists in the 19th Century

Date and Time: 10/07/2018 9:15am and 10/07/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

What lessons did the Unitarian Transcendentalists offer us from our past that can help save our world today?

Bringing Light into Night Dreams

Date and Time: 09/30/2018 9:15am and 09/30/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

Let’s look at our dreams and dreaming and how we can sort out our emotional debris in our daily lives from the preciousness of life. Can our night dreams serve as an endless source of spiritual sustenance, creativity and problem solving?

What Does Universalism Call Us to Do?

Date and Time: 09/23/2018 9:15am and 09/23/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

Theology of Universal salvation put into action requires a paradigm shift. Are we ready to really seek, engage in, and create Salvation for all in this life? Is there a Universal Covenant that binds us all to one another?

Impact of Social Media on the Self and Other

Date and Time: 09/16/2018 9:15am and 09/16/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

Are we more or less connected with social media? Studies are indicating we’re lonelier than ever, but is it connected to use of social media? How do we use our social connections and networking in our religious lives?

Renewing Our Covenant

Date and Time: 09/09/2018 9:15am and 09/09/2018 11:15am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker, Ann Richards, and Mark Zimmerman

The Theme of the Month is Covenant, a wonderful reminder of what we hold as sacred in the community. This is our annual Gathering of Waters ritual. Please bring water from your home or travels over the summer for this multigenerational worship. We are back to two worship services, 9:15 am and 11:15 am. For this week, the services are identical.

Do You Hear the People Sing?

Date and Time: 09/02/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Eric Pourchot, Georgia Pourchot, Ger Fitzgerald and friends.

As Unitarian Universalists, we treasure individualism, but also acknowledge the power of collective action. This “mostly-music” service explores the tension between individualism and collectivism, with songs from sources as diverse as Supertramp and Sugarland; Simon and Garfunkel and Sister Sledge; Les Miz and The Kinks. You may hear songs you can sing along with as well as some new tunes to explore.

The Question Box

Date and Time: 08/26/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

This is the annual Sunday when I welcome written questions from those in attendance. A wide variety of topics is welcome, although I hold the right to defer to actual experts.

Journey of Race, Color and Culture

Date and Time: 08/19/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Bill Alsmeyer-Johnson, Donna Gold, Sue Ries Lamb and Glenn Sheffield

During February and March, 2018, Rev. Kate and Sue Ries Lamb co-facilitated a series of six dialogue sessions based on the book, Journeys of Race, Color and Culture by Rick Huntley, Rianna Moore and Carol Pierce. Three participants from these sessions — Bill Alsmeyer-Johnson, Donna Gold and Glenn Sheffield — will share some highlights of their experience and insights during these dialogue sessions, and Sue Ries Lamb will provide the congregation with an opportunity to reflect on their own “journeys” with respect to diversity and inclusion.

Load Balancing: The Work of Our World and Our Faith

Date and Time: 08/12/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Jen Raffensperger

The work that our world – and our faith – calls us to is not only difficult, it is impossible to do alone. How do we share the work of our faith and our hearts when it all feels too heavy? We’ll find encouragement in our principles and our shared stories. Please join Jen Raffensperger, Youth Director of the UU Congregation of Columbia MD and seminarian at Meadville Lombard Theological School for this exploration of how we move forward in faith to-gether.

In Defense of Atheism

Date and Time: 08/05/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Alan Bunner

Humankind’s belief in gods is an archaic tradition, rooted in prehistory and derived from all the things our ancestors couldn’t understand. Today, we do understand most of the mysteries that puzzled and troubled the ancients. Does it still make sense to believe in something for which there is apparently no evidence?

Telling Lives: Biography as Revelation

Date and Time: 07/29/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Dana Greene

Dana will share her ruminations from thirty years of writing biography. You will not only meet six extraordinary women, but also have the opportunity to ponder why biography matters, not only as a genre but as a basis for self-reflection.

Love Lifts Us

Date and Time: 07/22/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Rebekah Savage

The Sufi mystic Hafiz wrote, “I once asked a bird, how is it that you fly in this gravity of darkness? She responded, ‘love lifts me’.” When our strength fails us, where do we turn? How do we nourish ourselves and others to move towards spiritual centering? With wisdom from world religions, let us consider how love lifts us.

A meditation on living through the brokenness of right now

Date and Time: 07/15/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Laura MacCleery

As unthinkable things are normalized, and in a time of historical challenge to our notions of justice, how can we exist as persons of conscience? What is our obligation to bring clarity and a sense of shared resistance into our daily lives? How can we work through personal and political brokenness to find strength?

Art of Life

Date and Time: 07/08/2018 10:00am

Presenter: The Sanctuaries

What is your art of life? Join artists from The Sanctuaries (, as they creatively explore the major themes of their lives through poetry, storytelling, music, and more. You’ll be uplifted, challenged, and inspired.

Learning Morality from Nature

Date and Time: 07/01/2018 10:00am

Presenter: David Keegan

Sermon for July 1, 2018 by David Keegan

We have been taught to care for nature, to be good stewards of the natural world. Perhaps we should take another step and be good students of the natural order. Chinese Daoism might be our curriculum.

Reclaiming Democracy

Date and Time: 06/24/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Ron Brandt

Democracy has been lost in several countries and is threatened in the United States. Why is authoritarianism on the rise, and what can be done about it?

Why Me? The Job Complex

Date and Time: 06/17/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

It is the rare person who hasn’t asked some greater power for mercy when feeling overwhelmed with painful events in life. How do we reconcile our beliefs with reality when they come in conflict? One of the greatest stories from the Bible offers important lessons.

Love and Hate

Date and Time: 06/10/2018 10:00am

Presenter: COA

Our annual service presented by our Coming of Age youth.

Strings of Peace: Liberty and Justice for All (10AM service)

Date and Time: 06/03/2018 10:00am

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate Walker and Mark Zimmerman

We will explore through music and word the 6th Unitarian Principle: the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all. We will enjoy musical guest artists, our Adult Choir, Dr. Yee Von Ng, MVUC musicians, and our Children’s Choir. Music Sunday is always a great day. Come be a part of it!

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