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Putting Love at the Center

What would it mean to, as the UUA is considering in revisions of its bylaws, to put love at the center of who we are and what we do? If love was our core value, it would mean engaging the world differently than we often … read more.

Why Do We Love?

Is love a biological strategy for reproduction? Is it hardwired into our psyche? Is it a choice? Why we do love whom and what we love?

What is Love?

We’ve talked about different forms of love before: romantic, friendly, familial, and more. What can different ways of loving help us understand about what it means to be human?

Life is a Gift

“Life is a gift” sounds like a good thought—but is it true? Sure, life is a gift when we feel connected and cared for. But is life still a gift when times are hard; suffering seems meaningless; and people are isolated, sad, frightened, and angry? … read more.

Welcoming New Voices

Our community has changed many times — every time we welcome in a new member we gain their perspectives and thoughts. We will welcome our newest members as part of this service.

Centering the Edges

A part of justice-making is paying attention to people whom society has marginalized. We’ll explore some of the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. and learn about building Beloved Community,

Finding Our Center

Finding the center of our community means valuing each of us and also all of us together. This service will include a child dedication.

Another Trip Around the Sun

The earth (and we) are growing older, and some of us are a bit worse for wear. Our speaker will reflect on aging in a time of climate change and coronavirus. And poetry!

Stories of Christmas Songs

With a little help from friends, Ron Brandt will tell the stories of 15 Christmas songs written from 1710 to 1946. After each story, we will all join in singing the song, accompanied by pianist Howard Breitbart.