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Music Sunday: On Friendship

The meanings of “Friendship” are myriad.  And wonderful.  Our All Music Sunday is featuring the Friendship theme.  Music chosen reflects a variety of friendships – from children through adults through folks who have passed.  We hope you’ll come hear the Handbells, Adult Choir, and Brass Quintet lifting … read more.


On this Memorial Day weekend, we think about how we remember those who have passed and how our memories form us.

Adventures in Religious Education

Join our youth group and the Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council as they explore religious education experiences at MVUC. Our many RE adventures have been both off site with trips like the one to Boston, and here on the hill with new Adult Classes and exciting … read more.

The Creative Spark

How does creativity work? Not the way most of think of it. It requires work and revision and failure, and often a lot of all those things.

9 Years Old

We are living through precarious times. Democracy is under threat. The environment is changing rapidly. Income inequality is spiraling out of control. Is Unitarian Universalism prepared to respond to these critical issues? What is needed from us at this time to ensure that we are … read more.

Ohms and Oms

In electric circuits, resistance is a measure of the opposition to current flow. In meditation, om is a mantra used to help focus and move past resistance. We’ll discuss resistance in all sorts of interesting ways.