The Wisdom of Broken Things

Where do we find wisdom when times are hard, nerves are frayed, and conflict breaks our relationships? We will turn to the sages as we ponder the lessons broken things can teach us about vulnerability, nurturing, and forgiveness.

Our guest minister today is the Rev. Kimberley Debus.

Kimberley is a community minister affiliated with the Unitarian Church of Lincoln, NE. Ordained in 2017, Kimberley has previously served One Island Family UU Congregation in Key West, Florida, and the First Universalist Church of Southold, New York. She currently serves as the Nurture Staff Director for the Southeast UU Summer Institute, and is a writer and facilitator the UU Wellspring Spiritual Deepening Program. 

Kimberley was raised by Unitarian parents and returned to Unitarian Universalism in the 1990s during her years as an activist in North Carolina’s LGBTQ community. As both lay leader and minister, she has presented workshops on generational theory, the worship arts, and stewardship.