Smart. Green. Clean. Energy Task Force News

The vote is in! Church members chose to name the Energy Task Force at MVUC Smart. Green. Clean: Going for Zero Energy Buildings. A logo will be coming soon.

As a reminder, in December the Board charged the task force with studying the church’s on grounds energy use and to make recommendations to lessen its use of fossil fuels. It is expected that many upgrades will be offset in part through federal and local incentives.

Here’s the latest on the work in progress. An energy efficiency audit was conducted on all MVUC buildings by Home Energy Medics (HEM). The official report should arrive soon. In unofficial conversations HEM has identified improvements that can be made to make the buildings more efficient. Once the report is complete and task force questions have been answered HEM will present its findings to the Board, most likely in April. Fifty percent of the cost of the audit will be covered by Fairfax County through its energy incentive program.

A second audit was conducted on the existing solar panels on the Meeting House by Tiger Solar. The task force has received an initial report from Tiger Solar and is now in the process of getting clarification on its findings and recommendations. While it appears that there are structural changes to the panels that ought to be addressed, past energy bills show they are producing significant energy output and even producing more than needed on especially sunny days. Additionally, the task force has gained access to real monitoring data. Fairfax County does not reimburse solar audits, but half of the funds for the audit have been donated by church members.

In order to qualify for funding from Fairfax County the church is required to set up a Energy Star account to track energy use. It will show how improvements and other changes the church makes impact its energy use and will compare MVUC’s efficiency to comparable churches. Work is in progress to set up the account and input historical data. 

Task force members include David Coakley, Charles, Jackson, Heather Plank, Robin Roberts, Kris Rosenthal, John Speakman and Christian Reynolds.