Founded in 1977 by the Route One Task Force on Human Services, New Hope Housing opened the first homeless shelter in Fairfax County, Virginia in 1978. Originally intended to be only a small short-term shelter, it became quickly apparent that more people were in need and in need of more than just shelter. Responding to these needs, programs and services have expanded so that today New Hope Housing operates 6 shelters, 10 housing programs, and many support programs – including employment and education – designed to meet needs of individuals and families at different levels of homelessness and poverty – from those at risk of becoming homeless, to the newly homeless, to those exposed to decades of homelessness.

Our gifts enable New Hope Housing to move people quickly from homelessness to a home and to provide the basic necessities of starting a home: food, furniture, and household goods. Last year, New Hope Housing served 1,567 individuals, including 300 children, in one or more of their programs. They helped 53 families move from shelter to permanent housing in the community, and 8 families move to transitional housing; 199 single adults were helped to move to permanent housing. Education and employment staff helped hundreds of residents attain new employment and many more participated in personal money management classes.

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