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MVUC Supports Ukraine

MVUC’s Refugee Response Committee (RRC) was established to “respond to refugee emergency situations in a timely manner, providing volunteers, in-kind donations, and financial assistance to refugees. We may also provide informational programs that inform the congregation about situations that cause refugee crises. We recognize that a refugee crisis can be caused by war/violence, climate change, economic factors, and other sources of instability.”    

This committee is under the MVUC Social Justice Council. Membership in the committee is open to Members and friends of MVUC who can volunteer to be available to help when a refugee crisis arises. Leadership will be provided by a group of at least four MVUC members who agree to serve in a collaborative leadership capacity. 

To date, MVUC has participated in two major initiatives to assist refugees. The first, beginning in 2021, was helping with the resettlement of an Afghani family in Alexandria, VA. We provided logistical support and also conducted a small fundraiser which enabled us to help pay the rent for this family.

The second effort, in 2022, was to help raise money to pay the rent for a Ukrainian refugee family who had fled the war in Ukraine under the sponsorship of the daughter and son-in-law of MVUC Church members.  Thanks to the generosity of MVUC, the Ukrainian family is now settled into a small house and  MVUC will be able to pay their rent until September 2024.  Although these are unimaginably challenging times for all Ukrainians, MVUC’s generosity has helped to make this difficult time a little easier for this courageous family.         

 If you are aware of other refugee situations where MVUC’s support could be helpful, please send an e-mail to