Speaker: Rev. Christian Schmidt


On this Memorial Day weekend, we think about how we remember those who have passed and how our memories form us.

The Creative Spark

How does creativity work? Not the way most of think of it. It requires work and revision and failure, and often a lot of all those things.

Ohms and Oms

In electric circuits, resistance is a measure of the opposition to current flow. In meditation, om is a mantra used to help focus and move past resistance. We’ll discuss resistance in all sorts of interesting ways.

Gentle Resistance

On Easter Sunday, we’ll explore the ways of gentle resistance through looking at Jesus, Ghandi, and Greta Thunberg, among others.

Vulnerability and Resistance

A biological cell wall has an interesting task: to keep bad things out while allowing good things in. This is the essence of vulerability and resistance, to keep ourselves safe while still being open.

Making Mistakes

We all make mistakes, we all have areas of ignorance. And yet, many of us experience shame or frustration when we experience this? Let’s talk about how we can embrace mistakes and ignorance as opportunities rather than failures.