Speaker: Rev. Christian Schmidt


A Multi-Generational Service

We will give thanks in both oral and ritual form during worship, exploring how gratitude can transform us and our world.

“The Transient and the Permanent”

The Unitarian minister Theodore Parker proclaimed that though the ways of religion change over time, the central truth does not. This is a core belief of Unitarian Universalism, that our ultimate mission, often expressed as liberation for all or the creation of beloved community, is always our mission, but our means (like using virtual technology!) change over time.


Monsters have played a prominent role in our stories and literature since the beginning of time.

From ancient sagas to modern horror, monsters reflect real fears in society taken to great extremes.

We’ll explore monsters in our world and how we can put them to … read more.

“Dismantling Racism”

It’s America’s original sin, and one we are still working to dismantle.

We’ll talk about anti-racism as a spiritual practice, and why it’s ultimately core to all our social justice work.