Speaker: Rev. Ian White Maher

Whee the People

Becoming a community of Whee! understands that the path of awakening is not just about personal enlightenment, but a collective journey of becoming part of the unfolding awakened consciousness. We are call to embrace the joy and exhilaration of spiritual transformation, proclaiming “Whee!” as we die to old attachments and are reborn in Spirit. Awakening … Continue reading Whee the People

Letting Our Light Shine

What would it mean to fall in love with the world as a spiritual practice? How can we let go of the intellectual barriers and past wounds that prevent them from fully embracing an embodied experience of love, vulnerability and sacred risk? We are marching in the Pride Parade this weekend (we hope you will … Continue reading Letting Our Light Shine

Love is the Teaching

The beauty of the begging bowl is in recognizing that we both need to be generous and create opportunities that allow others to be generous. When open-handed giving is woven into congregational life, we leave behind ideas of scarcity and distrust and open ourselves to the values of mutual care, trust, and spiritual vitality. Distrust … Continue reading Love is the Teaching

Eyes on the Fries

Just as potatoes bumping in a pot knock the dirt off each other, the challenges and conflicts we’ve faced as a congregation over the past year have invited us to examine parts of ourselves and our community that need transformation. While this bumping has been painful at times, it is a necessary part of our … Continue reading Eyes on the Fries

Hello, Believers

We began the year with a sermon called “Hello, Nonbelievers,” challenging us to move from being defined by what we don’t believe to proudly owning our faith. In the months since, we have been on a transformative spiritual journey, wrestling with our calling and purpose as a congregation. The year may be winding down, but … Continue reading Hello, Believers