Summer Has Come! Religious Education and Youth Programming Updates!

by MVUC’s Director, Lifespan Spiritual Growth, Ann Richards

The trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming and the wildlife is making itself known on the hill.  This can only mean one thing: summer is coming to MVUC!  Well, maybe it means two things; also our children will enjoy more of their time outdoors on our beautiful grounds.

Your Lifespan Spiritual Growth team is preparing for this with two exciting new programs for children and youth on Sunday Mornings this Summer.

Elementary Age

Our elementary children will be exploring “What Makes MVUC Special” this summer.  Each session will include a circle time, a story, a special guest and an activity.  Our young friends will be learning about our windmill; the Freedom Riders; the Green House; Solar Panels and Climate Action; artists and performers who have lived and worked in Hollin Hall over the years, along with several other topics.  Every Sunday we’ll be going on tours, cooking, making crafts, singing, interviewing MVUC members and more, all on the way to learning what makes MVUC Special.  

Middle and High School Age

We are so proud of our high school and middle school students who are committed to working toward a better world, thinking globally and acting locally.  They have asked to work on a social justice program this summer focusing on LGBTQ issues.  We are currently polling our youth who were in 7th-12th grades last year to see if we have enough participants to make this a possibility.  If you are a youth or there’s a youth in your household, you may go to this link to let us know which Sundays they can attend this summer.  If we do not have enough students who can participate, youth will be invited to join adults in worship on Sunday mornings.  Our worship committee has a number of services planned that will be of interest to a wide range of ages. 

Nursery Care

In addition to school-age children, our long-time professional caregiver, Farhat Chaudhury will be in the nursery each Sunday along with a volunteer.   This is a particularly attractive volunteer opportunity: there is no preparation involved, it’s only 1 ½ hour a month, and the kids are adorable.  If you are able to help out in this capacity, you can click on this link to sign up.

Please Register!

All families are encouraged to register for summer RE, whether you think you will be attending regularly or not.  Those who are registered will be kept informed of special events like game nights and sleepovers, as well as learning about what is going on at MVUC in general.  You may register for summer classes and family information here

Many of these exciting opportunities are made possible by our RE Coordinator this summer, Beverly Coakley!  While our beloved long-time RE Assistant Jim Kerr is home focusing on his health these few months, Beverly is joining me to bring together RE classes, Multigenerational activities, Adult Religious Education classes and Worship stories. Beverly and her husband David have a daughter, Dorothy, in our lower elementary class, and she has been a volunteer teacher this year.  Please welcome her if you see her on the hill?

As always, if you have any questions about our RE classes or anything else related to Lifespan Spiritual Growth, please contact me at  I look forward to talking with you!