Sunday Services Team – Re-Organization

The Sunday Services Program Area at MVUC is streamlining and slightly re-organizing as we plan for and move into a new church year.  As of June 2024, we will be consolidating our groups into one Team, rather than maintaining a separate Worship Arts & Music Team. The Sunday Services Team will now encompass the different subgroups of this program area (flowers, coffee hour, ushers, worship, Order of Service, and tech (which overlaps with the Communications Program Area)).

A sneak preview of our plans for the summer is available here. In the fall, Rev. Ian will be working with a new cohort of MVUC lay ministers (members) to provide homilies each week and to ensure that voices and spiritual messages from the Congregation are heard throughout the year. Additionally, beginning on Sunday, September 8th, our hope is to look to the YRUU teens (with intention) to act as worship assistants to Rev. Ian each Sunday. This will allow them increased participation in the Sunday service (e.g., reading the chalice lighting & leading the covenant) before they go to their RE class and it will increase their visibility to the entire congregation and the congregation’s visibility to them in a significant way.