Text-to-Give allows you to use the text message feature on a cell phone or other mobile device make contributions to MVUC. To keep the process simple, we have limited it to payments for two purposes: share-the-plate contributions and stewardship pledge payments.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open your text app and put “73256” in the To: box.  (Your phone may put a hyphen in the middle of the number.  Just ignore the hyphen.)  Put “MVUC” and the intended dollar amount of the contribution In the Text Message box.  On an iPhone, it should look like the screen shown below on the left.  Send the text.
  • You will get a response like the middle screenshot below.  Tap the blue hyperlink. 
  • The first time you use this feature, you will get a screen like the one  shown below on the right.  The Account Type box will have “Credit/Debit Card” as a default, but you can also tap the box and choose either “Checking” or “Savings”, allowing you to enter the routing number and account number of a bank account from which the funds will be automatically transferred.  Bank transfers are much preferred due to the high cost to MVUC of credit or debit card transactions.  After filling in the required information, scroll down and hit the green box at the bottom with “Give” and the contribution amount in it.  That completes the transaction. You will get immediate text and email confirmations.
  • After first use, you will get a simpler screen that allows you to click on the “Give $$” box without having to enter account information.
  • The default contribution purpose is share-the-plate.  To make a pledge payment rather than a share-the-plate contribution, include the word “pledge” in the Message Text box on the first screen.  For example, for a $100 pledge payment, enter “MVUC pledge 100” in the Text message box.

If you need help using this feature, please call or email Al Robbert at 703-298-8937 or aarobbert@comcast.net.