Update from Smart. Green. Clean – Energy Task Force – May 2024

The energy audit of MVUC’s buildings has been completed and Home Energy Medics (HEM) presented its findings to the Board at the May meeting. The report listed a significant number of recommended repairs within MVUC’s four buildings. The next steps are for the Board, with input from the Smart, Green, Clean task force, to begin prioritizing the recommended actions. 

The Board will also be communicating with the congregation about two related steps it wants to take. The first is to create a fund to resume regularly setting aside building maintenance funds, and the second is to consider how to pay for the repairs. Both of these steps will require committee involvement.

Getting to Zero would mean generating energy, most likely through additional solar panels on other buildings, but it makes sense to first lower the church’s energy use through repairs and other changes before calculating how much solar would be needed. The audit was sought in order for the church to learn what improvements should be made to minimize energy use. It appears that top priorities are adding insulation and air sealing to Hollin Hall and cleaning the evaporator coils on the Meeting House. However, these are only a few of the many issues that were identified. Several of the building systems are approaching the end of their lifespans and will need to be replaced. Other issues, small and large, need to be prioritized, with the energy savings being weighed against the cost of the repair. It also may turn out that the task force disagrees with the necessity of performing some of the recommended repairs or can come up with less expensive fixes. 

The cost of these repairs and replacements is large. Efforts will be made to keep costs down as much as possible and to continue to take full advantage of governmental funding sources and rebates. 

Please reach out to members of the Board or the Smart, Green, Clean task force with questions.