“Witnessing Worship” – Art Exhibit in Fireplace Alcove Starting February 13

Updated on Feb 18: scroll down to see links to interviews about this exhibit recorded in 2022.

Part of Nina Tisara’s 106-image photo-documentary essay on worship in Alexandria, Va., will be exhibited in the Fireplace Art Alcove beginning February 13. The result of a year’s work completed in 1986, the black and white photographs  portray worship in 50 churches and temples. Taken without flash, so as to be as unobtrusive as possible, the photographs show people in prayer, song and Bible study — and as participants in baptisms, confirmations, communions, and Sunday services.

The study was inspired in part by Nina’s son David becoming a “born-again” Christian. She used her camera to study religion in hope of finding a common language of communication.

The original study was named “Converging Paths” because she found that although we travel many roads, our paths converge as we search for truth and meaning.  The theme is eloquently expressed by words from the book of Poems and Prayers of the Beth El Hebrew Congregation heard at a tombstone rededication service at Alexandria National Cemetery.  

“…this is the fact of human oneness, one species, one living kin. How insignificant are the differences between us, against the mountainous identities of this one family of time and earth.”

“Converging Paths” was first exhibited at The Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum in Alexandria in 1986 and again in 2022 with the name “Witnessing Worship.” Copies of the original Converging Paths booklet are available for a donation to Mount Vernon Unitarian Church in an amount of your choice.

You can watch an interview with Nina, recorded in 2022, about the exhibit – the videos are posted at the Office of Historic Alexandria’s Youtube site:

For additional information about the project or to purchase prints contact Nina Tisara at ninat@ninatisara.com

Mosaic Artist/Photographer Nina Tisara signed the membership book of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church on February 22, 1987.