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A Church of Helping Hands

With Lora Powell-Haney, MVUC’s Interim Director of Religious Education Memorial Day honors military personnel who died in service of their county. As a “church of helping hands,” we also seek to honor and recognize those who serve the congregation from the Board, to religious education teachers and Council, to those who make Sunday morning work, … Continue reading A Church of Helping Hands

Eyes on the Fries

Just as potatoes bumping in a pot knock the dirt off each other, the challenges and conflicts we’ve faced as a congregation over the past year have invited us to examine parts of ourselves and our community that need transformation. While this bumping has been painful at times, it is a necessary part of our … Continue reading Eyes on the Fries

Considering Darwin

What are we missing in our thinking about evolution? In this service, we’ll consider what might actually be the secret to surviving and thriving. Rev. Kimberley Debus, guest minister, joins us.